C programming course session

I will be giving a comprehensive course on C programming for beginners. The course will teach you the basics of programming in C. It serves as a foundation to then learn system programming and embedded programming in C.

The course costs $32.5 per month over 3 months (one day per week, 13 days total) or $97.5 in total. It covers the following:


  • Functions
  • Types
  • Expressions
  • Pointers
  • Control-flow
  • Macros


  • Procedural programming
  • OOP

Compilers and friends:

  • Unix
  • Make
  • GCC and options
  • Linker and options

Courses will be on Saturdays, 7:00AM UTC to 11:00AM UTC and 12:30PM UTC to 03:30PM UTC, starting on May 28rst 2022.

Use this link to register: https://cloud.nekoit.xyz/apps/forms/YBt5F4gz4RS5Qmbx