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Guerilla marketing for entrepreneurs

When beginning an activity, you may always have to resort to forms of active marketing on your free time.

Here is my way of proceeding. Not that it is a silver bullet, but it mixes advices I received and personal experience.

Required hardware

You have a few things you may need for this adventure, as well as some sort of bag or holster to hold it, if you have a good laptop case, it may be sufficient as a bag.

I will consider a budget of 270 USD, aka about 230 EUR.

Business cards

First thing first, at least 200 business cards with a flashy design are a must, some Android apps are good enough to make some simple yet a bit flashy design.

Here is an example with mines:

Those were made using this software for Android.

Give those cards to whoever you meet, and give two or three to as much relatives as you can to spread the word. Whenever you go somewhere, always carry some, when you see a potential customer, hand them one, when you see a mailbox of a potential customer that doesn't look like the person is opposed to advertising, drop one in.

If you think your activity have a low conversion rate, double the number of card you buy.

Guerilla behavior and phone prospection

  • Always arm yourself with a notebook.
  • If you can get information about local companies from some authority, do so.
  • Take photos of your work regularly.
  • Consider how much you need to live from your activity, the price you pay for resources, and for every contract, get 1.4 times this at least.
  • Call as much prospects as you can, prepare your speech elements in advance like a checklist :
    • Who are you
    • What do you propose
    • If it is relevant, propose an appointment to meet the company or customer in advance
  • Using pictures, make a small presentation leaflet with your activity, show your domain of expertise in front, then, display the other activities and services you offer. Print some of those on good quality paper and try to have a few of them with you.


I invite you to check the information at https://nekoit.xyz/, join us on Discord or Telegram, or follow me on Mastodon [email protected] to receive notifications of my followup posts.

Guerilla marketing for entrepreneurs
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